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Edmonton Cracker Cats Changed their name to the Edmonton Capitals.… - 5 AM (A Love Song) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 26th, 2009|08:27 pm]
5 AM (A Love Song)
Edmonton Cracker Cats Changed their name to the Edmonton Capitals.

Their colors are traditional Oilers colors. White, Oiler Blue and Vintage Orange. The blue is closer to the navy they currently use on their jersey rather then the bright blue of Oilers jerseys past. I assume this would be the same thing they are supposedly doing with their new jerseys that they are coming out with next year. I predicted this would be what they would so since the Oilers bought the team. Sadly their team logo looks embarrassing. A weird super hero? Worse then the fucking cat. :P

I do like the background of the Edmonton Skyline. I would have liked the High level bridge to be put in it as well.

I actually would have liked the team to be named the Edmonton High Levels but that probably would not have been well received.

Hats are a E and C over top of each other, alot like Tampa Bays logo. Primary color seems to be the Oiler blue.

Looking forward to seeing if this helps the team at all.