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A big FUCK YOU goes out to the anti-racism protestors that made a… - 5 AM (A Love Song) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Mar. 24th, 2009|04:15 pm]
5 AM (A Love Song)
A big FUCK YOU goes out to the anti-racism protestors that made a peaceful white pride demonstration violent. Thank you for making us normal folk who are free of racial hate look like a bunch of fucking morons.

I don't really need to start this by saying that I for one am a supporter of anti-racism initiatives. But I am because apparently anyone who questions violence against nazis is racist...sooooooo let me just say that I have lots of friends and colleagues from every part of the planet. But don't think for a second that I am some left wing hippie hack job that believes that the only way to stop racism is through the prevention of free speech by those who hate.

Does this not sound absolutely fucking retarded? The same people who wave the free speech banner when they demonstrate for some yuppy thing like the environment or free trade have no problem what so ever when it comes to blocking the demonstrations of racist bigots? The same people who accuse the police of strong arm tactics to prevent their voices from being heard? Excuses me miss dreads, you may look like you came out of a homeless shelter with your sweat free clothing, but do you really thing you're better then the police and the racists when your group of 300 gangs up on a small contingent of 60 white people who are not reflective on the city of calgary as a whole?

Stop using violence to push your agenda lefties. The only way people are going to stop being racist is if a) they die or b) we use our education system to promote tolerance. Using any excuse to protest just to become an anarchist so you can throw the bricks you have in your help filled sack at the front window of McDonalds doesn't make you further your cause. In fact it makes the people of Calgary look at you with even more disdain.

Its not that Calgarians are not aware of the issues like the environment, animal rights, capitalism, globalization, the use of fossil fuels etc....its just when you dress like a fucking slob and parade around with signs and listen to shitty folk music, that we tune you out. Lefties, if you wanna change our perception of you, be PROFESSIONAL and educate us without the bullshit!

[User Picture]From: zoi_no_miko
2009-03-25 12:28 am (UTC)
Education, yesss. Funny how the government allocated all that money to students but none of it went to people studying humanities? -_-;

I needs to send you a wedding invite. Can you send me your address? :D
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