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A big FUCK YOU goes out to Pope Benedict XVI who spoke out in Africa… - 5 AM (A Love Song) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
5 AM (A Love Song)

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[Mar. 21st, 2009|11:18 am]
5 AM (A Love Song)
A big FUCK YOU goes out to Pope Benedict XVI who spoke out in Africa against the use of condoms while trying to convert tribal Africans to Catholicism from "witchcraft."

Listen here and listen well. The statistics in Africa are overwhelming. People are dying left and right because of AIDS. No amount of religious babble is going to change this. Education and safe sex is what the people of Africa need to stop the AIDS pandemic. Abstinence? Sure thats a good way of preventing getting any STDS but at the same token, your dick is probably going to fall off due to lack of use and dust build up. Seriously though, abstinence is not something we should be spending any money educating people on (that message is for you obama) but instead we should be talking about the one product that saves lives. Thats right, condoms.

We don't know why condoms prevent STDS. We do know that they work like a fucking charm. They are cheap to manufacture and if you ever needed one you can get one pretty much anywhere and for free no less. And just because the pope can't get laid, it doesn't mean he has to bring you down with him.

Seriously, mr pope....the kids don't listen to you any more because they are too busy getting laid. You should advocate condom use despite the fact it goes against everything your religion represents. Why? Because you can actually help the people of Africa rather then be a public joke.

Final thing: CREATIONISM IS NOT A SCIENCE! Why the fuck are people in the states awarding degrees in the sciences for studying this? Creationism is about as scientific as Scientology ie. not at all scientific. You don't have to agree with the moral ideas behind evolution but the science that represents the theory is there right in your face. You can't deny what you can see with your own damn eyes. I don't see any proof that Jesus walked with Dinosaurs...other then that episode of 18 kids and counting....lulz.

Anyways....ciao kids.

[User Picture]From: sexdrivenmonkey
2009-03-24 04:26 pm (UTC)
That was an enjoyable rant! Thanks! :)
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